Finn Niche

Finnish British Chamber of Commerce

Finn Niche magazine


  • Business magazine between Great Britain and Finland
  • Published since 1989 for the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce
  • Editor-in-Chief Markku Vartiainen
  • Production Graig Houston
  • Circulation 2-3000 copies both in printed and digital versions
  • Publication months March,June, September, December

Past issues


Finn-Niche is a privately owned publishing house. The self-supporting magazines, which promote business and cultural relations between Finland and target countries, are distributed to the members of Chambers of Commerce, Trade Guilds and other associations, through Commercial Sections of the various embassies, on Finnair flights and at business lounges, and at some selected hotels in Finland.


  • was founded in 1989 and is a privately owned UK-registered publishing company.
  • is politically and economically independent, financed through advertising revenues. has offices in Helsinki and London.
  • publishes magazines for promoting business relations between Finland and the target country.

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